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Yoli Founders - Distributors for Distributors

When we say it, we mean it! Every Yoli corporate officer has an amazing track record in both traditional and network marketing businesses. Each founder has built organizations of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Distributors doing millions in product volume every month. The Yoli Founders know what it feels like to be in the trenches; to sacrifice time, energy, and money to help our Distributors build a future.

There’s no way anyone could ever understand the Independent Distributor unless they have experienced the blood, sweat and tears associated with building a network marketing business in the trenches.

This unique perspective gives the Yoli founders an enormous advantage over the other network marketing companies. This experience has fostered the development of some of the most innovative products and programs in the history of network marketing. These advancements will assure both explosive product sales and long term retention of Distributors and customers.


One thing was decided upon before Yoli ever opened its door for
business: unless Yoli could find a WOW technology, something that was totally new and revolutionary AND at a price point that made sense to the average consumer, they just weren’t going to launch.

Not willing to settle for another me-too pill, lotion, potion, or technology, when the Yoli Founders found the Yoli Blast Caps, they knew that they had finally found what they had been looking for all along.

It takes trained and seasoned eyes however to not only be able to recognize an opportunity but to run with it. Started by 6 entrepreneurs with a singular vision to take the Yoli Blast Caps® to the marketplace, no team has been better positioned and more prepared to accomplish their goals.

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