Yoli Blast Caps


All of the good, with none of the bad!

Yoli Blast Caps are the closest thing available to mother nature! Yoli has formulated a beverage that incorporates all of the goodness of mother nature, with none of the bad stuff that's currently on the market!  Now you can enjoy all of the newest, most popular ingredients at their most freshest-to-honest goodness.  Yoli is a BLAST of pure nutrition that you and your family will love to drink!

Yoli Blast Caps

More than just a word, TRUTH™ is the name of Yoli's very first formulation. Loaded with many of today's most popular superfruits and antioxidants, all in their freshest, most potent state, with enzymes, probiotics and even 200% of the RDA of Vitamin C added to boost the immune system. No beverage in the marketplace can compete.

Proprietary antioxidant & absorption blends, zero artificial sugars, low glycemic index and just 10 calories. Simply Twist, Blast, & Shake.

Yoli TRUTH Health Blasts™ offer a healthy, fun alternative to nutrient-deprived and chemical-laden liquid beverages that currently predominate the marketplace.*

Yoli TRUTH has a delicious citrus taste that everyone will enjoy, and the BLAST caps make it really fun!

Yoli Announces Endorsements by Carl Lewis & Bryan Clay

It’s certainly not everyday that any company, let alone a start-up, is able to attract the attention of 1 gold medal Olympic Champion. The fact that Yoli has recently signed on two of the greatest athletes of all time, 9-Time Olympic Gold medalist Carl Lewis AND the reigning Gold Medal Decathlete, Bryan Clay, considered the greatest athlete in the world today, is without precedent.

With the successful launch of Yoli’s first Blast Cap, TRUTH™, about to take place this Friday, it’s time to have some FUN!

The FUN™ Sports Blast, Yoli’s next blockbuster product, scheduled to preview at Yoli’s Blastoff Convention, January 22-24, 2010, at the Paris Hotel Las Vegas, is geared towards athletes, young and old, and anyone with active, on-the-go lifestyles.

Perfect for kids, adults, and seniors, FUN™ will provide you with a 100% exclusive ingredient that is proven to help you restore and re-energize your body and mind, plus some other supportive nutrients that will make FUN the goto liquid beverage in place of Gatorade and all of the other pseudo healthy, pasteurized, sugary beverages that people are currently consuming.

Just as exciting for Yoli and its Distributor field, the market for sports drinks (NOT energy drinks!) is by far and away the fastest growing segment of a market that’s projected to grow from $676 billion currently to $1 trillion by the year 2020.



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The closest thing to mother nature without picking it from the tree, Yoli Blast CapsĀ® incorporate all of the good and none of the bad in our formulations. Now, you can enjoy the most popular ingredients, all in their freshest, most potent state.
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