Yoli Blast Caps


Yoli encourages everyone to 'go green' simply by re-using your free or purchased Yoli bottles and ordering only more Blast Caps®. Not only is this more economical, but you will also be saving the planet by eliminating the use of plastic bottles. Yoli has also introduced a branded re-usable bottle that is much sturdier and designed to last forever. All of our Yoli bottles are BPA-free!

Additionally, Yoli has partnered with Trees for the Future®. Since 1988, Trees for the Future has helped thousands of communities in Central America, Africa, and Asia improve their livelihoods and their environment by planting nearly 65 million trees. It is calculated that these trees remove over one and a half million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year. Yoli has made an initial commitment to plant 1,000,000 trees which would make Yoli the largest contributor worldwide. Each and every time someone joins Yoli we will plant 10 trees.

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